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In Quebec, Ireland and other places. Also a Short Dictionary of the 
names, tricks and games of the Craft. 


NORMAN MURRAY, 233, St. James Street 


(F. R.) French Revolution Era 12" 

Nota Bene. — As the nature of the dog is in the pup and the 
mission of all forms of priestcraft is to make cripples of mankind 
to sell them crutches, the term priestcraft includes all types of 
preachers of vicarious atonement from the ignorant Plymouth 
brother to the most learned Pope. 

Faith, Fraud, Fear, 
Farce and Fanaticism 




THE GAME. — You work and give your good money to the 
priests, they promise you glory when you are dead. They loaf here 
and take your money and give you useless fables for it. Think it over. 


The Plague of Priestcraft has followed the human race since* 
the beginning of its history. Priestcraft assumes many forms, Pagan, 
Jewish, Christian and Mohametan, but the motive is always the 
same — to exploit the simplest and most stupid portion of humanity. 
Most of the wars in Europe for 1900 years were caused by Christian 
Priestcraft. It causes civil wars in nations and international wars. 
Very few of the priests of Rome are loyal to the countries in which 
they live. They work by secret means and make cats-paws of others, 
such as Bourassa and Lavergne in Canada, and Casement and "Sinn 
Feiners" in Ireland. When a priest is loyal to his country nothing 
is too good for him. When he is a traitor he is the most dangerous 
of all traitors. The French Canadian Catholics of Quebec are more 
than four to one English Protestant but the English Protestant re- 
cruits are more than three to one of them. The Great War in Europe 
has given a side light of the evil influences of this craft. The quarrel 
between the Greek and Roman Priests caused the Crimean War. and 
the quarrel between them in the Balkan Provinces started the 
present War, the most awful in history. The conflicting claims of 
the Vatican and the civil authorities in the British Empire have 
materially hampered the recruiting for the Army in the British 
Empire. In the Catholic portion of Ireland and the French Catholic 
Province of Quebec in Canada the recruiting among Catholics is 
only about one to ten of what it is among the Protestants. This atti- 
tude at present is chiefly owing to the hostility instituted more or 

privately, and some of it quite openly against both France and 

Italy on account of the advancement of free-thougnt principles of 
government gaining ground rapidly in these countries. After the 
Great War is over, therefore, it is proposed to make a crusade 
against priestcraft in general and Popish Priestcraft in particular. 
As in the study of law and science a good knowledge of legal and 
scientific terms is necessary, so in dealing with priestcraft a wide 
knowledge of the words applicable to the craft is indispensable. \ 
have adopted the novel method of grouping together the words 
beginning with the same letter of the alphabet By combining 
words beginning with different letters of the alphabet "the list of 
terms might be made much longer and in some cases more forcible, 
and this may be done in future editions. In the meantime it is hoped 
the list will be found useful to the younger recruits to the free- 
thought army. The letter "P" is given the first place in the list, 
for special reasons. The other letters will follow the usual order. 


Priests, paradoxical Popish prelates, pious, puritanical pre- 
tenders, professional purgatorial purveyors, persecuting prevarica- 
tors, pelf prowlers, psalm praying playing profit prophets, putrid 
pimpery propagators, proposterous presumers, Prussian Presbyterian 
Protestant, Plymouth-Brethren plotting pirates and poison-pukes, 
perverting philosophy. 


Artful, awfully aggressive, avaricious agents aping Almighty 
apologists, abominable Annanias accusers and absurd absolutionists, 
abhored, addled accomplices, ancient animal adjuncts, adultery 
adjusters, atonement applicators, adroit afouled altar asses, always 
annoying, allegorically alluring ailing angels, alas ! astray, an 
amusing apparatus alarming amorous animals, arrant arrogant ag- 
gressive assessors, advancing atheism. 


Babbling, backbiting baboons, bald-headed balloons, bare-headed 
bawling Bedlam buffons, bell-bangers, bewitched Bibliolators, black- 
petticoated bluffers, bold boisterous bribe-suckers, Bourassa's be- 
nighted bull frogs, blatherskiting blasphemers. 


Cabbage-headed cacklers , caged calves, canting cannibals (who 
eat and drink their God), capricious caricatured cardinals, case- 
hardened Congregational Calvinistic communion cranks, crooked as 
cork screws, Christ-eating causists, cawing Covenanter catechists, 
censorious celibates, ceremonious curates, chaff chaplains, cheap- 
cheats, cheerless chestnut crackers, chimera choir croakers, Church 
■ciphers, clacking clowns, clandestine clap trap class, cloaked cloister 
clergy, coaxing cockscombs, cunning, cruel, crafty, concocting crazy 
creeds crucifying creatures and Creator. Confession box conspira- 


Dead, defunct, deaf, decayed, disgraced, despotic, dismounted, 
disregarded, distrusted, doomed, deserted, detested, despised, dis- 
cordant, deities and devils damn and disown devout, disloyal. 
dreaming (distinguo/) disbelieving divinity doctors, deans, deacons 
and druids, distorted disturbers and dogged dogmatics and deformed 


- 8 t 

diabolical dwarfs, diffusing dreadful dia dyspeptic dry 

dust droning doggerel. 


Eccentric eunuchs, eaves-dropping ecclesiastics, echoing emo- 
tional excitement, egoistic enemies enslaving education, everlast- 
ingly embroiling everybody, 'episcopal emperors, eastern European 
enemies, entirely erroneous, envious evading evidence, evil evan- 
gelicals, expecting excessive exemption extre excommunicators, ever- 
exiled, expelled, eventually escape extinction, eucharistic eucre, 
Effete Evolution. 

F F 

F F F Five F's — Faith, Fraud, Fear, Farce and Fanaticism. 


Friar-fathers forgive foolish female frolics for fees; facts for 
fiction. Foul fiends find favour from frocked, frenzied, freaks, 
faithful freethinkers forbidden freedom, foppish fools follow futile 
fancy frequently fomenting furious frictions. * 


Gabbling gawks give gentile geese gloomy, graceless ghost- 
stories. Greedy groaning grafters grind guessing gold-giving guys. 


Hallelujah hags hawk to heathens Hebrew heavens 'and hells. 
Horrible, hoary, hooded, hoodoed hybrid-hydra heresy hunters, hyp- 
notise humanity hound honest hearted heroes. Hubbup humbuggery. 

Idle, image idolators, ignorant, inquisitorial, unbecile, idiots, 
impudently impose impossible, impure, immoral, incomprehensible, 
indecent, insane, incorrect, idiotic impotent Israelite ideas. 

Jerusalem Jewish Jehovah, junker Jugglers justified Jesuitic- 
al Jurisprudence. 

Knavish Key-hole Kine, Knowledge Killers. 

Lazy, lying Levite*leeches, licking luny labour's life-blood, like 
locusts or Lutheran lucre loving lobsters. 

Masked, mawkish magicians massacreing mankind. .Mistaken 
Mehodists. mystic madmen's mass, melancholy monastic martyrs 
misleading, mesmerising, mulish morbid mortals making mythical 
Messiahs, magnifying Moses. 

Nugatory Nuns nibbling QOn-descripl nonsense naughty nasty 
nebulous necromancy nightmare nuisances, neglect nature. 

Odd. oggling orthodox orders, ooze oppressive overheated ossi- 


Quarrelling, quibbling quacks. 

Kevenous. rapacious Rabbis rail and rally ranting nibble. Ridi- 
culous. Raving revival revelation religious robbers reclaiming rep- 

— 4 — 

tile, repulsive Rotten reprobates, Robed reverend robbers repealing 


Sickly, salvation soft soap suds, saintly, sanctimonious, Satan-'s 
silly Sabbath Sunday School sour syrup shop. Sinful Sky Pilots 
saving select Sceptics, Synagogue sphinxes, spiteful' spiders, super- 
stitious serpents swindling stale spiritual spies, spectres. 


Trinitarian theistic tomfoolery theology, trite trivial tyrannical 
theorizing theiseses transubstantiation trickery touts tending 
towards theft, treason, tragedies, tory tricksters, truckle to trifling 


Useless Ultramontanism, unmasked, ugly unsocial unnatural 
unphilosophical usury usurpers. 


Vatican vandal vampires, vicarious vagaries, veneering vapours, 
virtueless vicars and vain virgins vomiting voluptuous volubility. 


Wailing wafers waddlers, warping weasels waiting watching, 
way-laying weary wanderers, wasting water washing wax works, 
weaving webs with wably weeping worship, worrying wealthy 
wenches wheedling whales, whelps and whores, whistling whining 
wind-bags, wind-pipes, wind-bibbers, wranglers, wire pullers, 
wizards, witches, etc., etc. 

x ! 

Usually stands for an unknown quantity when it means Christ- 
ianity — it means the biggest confidence game in history. 

Yelping yarns of yule of yore you yearly young yokels yoke — 

Zealous zealots zig-zag to zero go. 

To be followed by a History of Priestcraft and Philosophical 

War with the Germans, 2 parts, 20 c. postpaid. 

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Murray's Sure Cure for Bibliolatry or Bible Reference Card 
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Paul Bert's Jesuit Morals (Abridged), 10c. 

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NORMAN MURRAY, 233 St. James Street